Inside the Campaign

In this breakout session, Ryan Lambert will share some of his experiences he had with the media, online and print, throughout his political career. You will have the opportunity to ask him questions about his political communication strategies with journalists, and you will gain an understanding of what political campaigns are like on the political side.

About Ryan Lambert

Ryan Lambert
Ryan Lambert

Ryan has nearly six years of experience in the political career field. His excitement for campaigns started when he volunteered for a statewide race in South Carolina.

He has been climbing the political ladder ever since. Ryan has multi-state campaign experience (South Carolina, Virginia and Louisiana) and has held the positions of field director, political director and campaign manager on both state and federal races.

His most recent campaign wins were Molly Spearman for State Superintendent of Education in South Carolina and Garret Graves for Congress. Spearman ran against Sally Atwater who is the widow of Lee Atwater – President Ronald Reagan’s campaign manager and political adviser. Graves ran against former governor of Louisiana Edwin Edwards.

In every race, Ryan has to communicate with the media. Timing, type of medium and candidate placement are critical elements that are strategically handled at all times on a campaign.  Ryan outlines a campaign from beginning to end, and predetermining how, when and where he wants the targeted voters to see and/or hear from his candidate in the media can better stabilize a winning campaign.

Ryan enjoys playing golf, going to the beach, kayaking, horseback riding and playing video games. He is the oldest child in his family and has a little sister and brother. He is from Irmo, South Carolina and currently resides in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.