International Journalism

Journalism exists internationally.  In this session you will get to hear what it was like having a career in mass communication in the Philippines from Rudynah Entera Capone,  a multi-awarded public speaker and former newswriter.

Rudynah Entera Capone

Rudynah Entera Capone
Rudynah Entera Capone

Fondly known as Dynah, Rudynah Entera Capone was born and raised in Cebu City, Philippines. Before moving to the United States in 2009 for good, Dynah had a blossoming career for 9 years in tri-media, event management, marketing and public relations. Her work experience combined with communication skills, she immediately got a job as the Regional Transportation Safety Coordinator for South Central Planning & Development Commission (SCPDC) in Houma, Louisiana (2010-2014) where her groundbreaking efforts in strategic highway safety planning and program management were recognized statewide and across thenation. This accomplishment was instrumental into earning her current job as the Manager of Louisiana’s Local Road Safety Program (LRSP), which is administered through the Louisiana Center for Transportation Safety (LCTS). The LCTS is the newest addition to the Louisiana Transportation Research Center (LTRC) at Louisiana State University (LSU) in Baton Rouge.

Dynah earned her education in the Philippines—she finished Valedictorian in high school and Magna Cum Laude in A.B. Mass Communication at the University of San Jose Recoletos. Her print media stints included being editor for a school publication, and then working as an Editorial Assistant of Sun Star Weekend magazine and Lifestyle Writer of Sun Star Cebu newspaper. During these years, she also practiced professional emceeing of corporate and social events. She also worked briefly as Project Coordinator of the Cebu Visitors and Convention Bureau wherein she served as Media Bureau Chief of the 3rd Global Filipino Networking Convention.

Prior to her moving to the USA, Dynah ran her own business called the “Art Dynamics Cebu” where she offered workshop modules in speech, music, dance and modeling for kids and teens. Most of her workshop graduates turned out to have excelled in school and community endeavors.

Before Dynah could find a permanent job in Louisiana, she worked as a background actor in several Hollywood films and TV shows, including Battleship, Green Lantern and Revenge of the Bridesmaids. She had chance to portray as a newscaster in an independent film called “Blood on the Bayou” that starred Joe Horn and directed by Russell Hebert.

Now an American citizen, Dynah remains to be Filipino by heart and a multi-lingual herself. In her yesteryears, she was a Colonel in Citizen’s Army Training Unit, a beauty titlist, a multi-awarded public speaker and a radio DJ. She is happily married to Assumption High School teacher and football coach Drew Capone, and both enjoy being parents to their 3-year-old son Enzo.